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Directions  _________________________________________
From the Thruway (I-90)
From the West - Exit 47 (LeRoy - I-490).  Immediately past the tollbooth take the exit (Exit #1) to Route 19 - Brockport.  The ramp after that exit is confusing - the first street to come in from the right is actually the other off-ramp; the second is Route 19 North.  There is a gas station on the right just after the turn.
Follow Route 19 into Brockport - about 17 miles to the corner of Route 31. 
See "In Brockport" below.

From the East
- Get off at Exit 45 (Victor) to I-490 West and follow "From Downtown" directions below.

From Downtown Rochester:
Take I-490 West to Exit 8 - Route 531
        Rte. 531 ends at Washington Street (Route 36).  Turn Right (North) onto Washington St. one block to the light
        Turn Left (West) at the light onto Brockport-Spencerport Rd (Route 31)

        On Route 31 -    the next light is Rte 260 ................         2.5 miles
        Pass several houses and fields, past the light at Owens
          Road (just goes North) then several stores to the next
         light (Rte 19)  ..............................................................           2.2 miles
                                                                                                        4.7 miles
        At Route 19 (Main Street) turn Right (North).

In Brockport:
Go North through the Village on Route 19 (Main Street and Lake Road), and over the canal.  There is a roundabout at the corner of East and West Avenues - take the North limb - between the bank and the Mobile station.
        EFM is the third building north of the bank - a large grey house.  Across the street is the Mormon Church.
        Turn left into the side street (Wellington E) and left again into the driveway - the entrance is around the back.

From Ridge Road - East or West

Take Route 104 until you get to Brockport and Route 19. (Lake Road).

From the East, the light before Route 19 is Sweden-Walker Road - Rte 260.  The distance between Rte 260 and Rte 19 is about 2 miles.

From the West, the light before Route 19 is Redman Road - about 2 miles.

At the Rts 19 / 104 light you will see a Gas station (NW) a mini-mart called the K&K (SW), a small strip mall set back from the street (NE) and the Clarkson Town Hall (SE).

Turn left (south) onto Rte 19 (Lake Road).

A little over a mile south of the intersection will be the only west-side side road - Wellington East.  Our office is the big grey brick house on the SW corner of Rte 19 and Wellington East.  The parking lot is off of Wellington East. 

If you get to the roundabout with the Mobil Station and the bank, you have gone 4 buildings too far.